• Client: Genoptix, Inc.

    Situation: Genoptix, a medical laboratory specializing in genetic markers, wanted to be seen as leaders in a cluttered and saturated marketplace. Ultimately they wanted to generate booth traffic at the annual tradeshow of the American Society of Hematologists (ASH) so they could engage in conversations and position themselves as a partner and leader in the field.

    Solution: A captivating visual campaign was developed and carried through display advertising, including relevant journals and airports, to drive traffic to a 2-page microsite and ultimately the Genoptix booth at ASH.

    Results: The microsite had a high conversion rate, with one-third of visitors to the RSVP page sending an RSVP. Engagement with the microsite was also high with visits averaging 2 minutes. The Genoptix-hosted dinner at ASH was sold out, foot traffic exceeded booth capacity, and overall the tradeshow was viewed as a sweeping success by the client.

  • Advertising
    Display ads were thoughtfully placed in widely distributed oncology journals and airports to drive traffic to a landing page and ultimately the tradeshow booth. QR codes were integrated to facilitate engagement.

  • Microsite
    A microsite was developed as the landing page for all display advertising. The site provided a synopsis of the Genoptix story as well as information about their booth experience. RSVPs were also captured through this site.

  • Tradeshow Booth
    The tradeshow booth featured an interactive game that garnered high engagement and pulled through the visual elements of the print and Web campaigns. The booth experience culminated in a sold-out dinner with a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.