• Client: WaveTec Vision®

    Situation: The client needed to relaunch their intraoperative wavefront aberrometry system that had a poor adoption rate despite a robust marketing campaign that supported the initial launch.

    Solution: We conducted market research to determine market perception and responded with an impactful rebranding campaign that maximized exposure on a limited budget.

    Results: Our execution across web, email, print, and display led to a 410% increase in capital equipment sales; a 637% increase in procedure volume; nearly 90% of respondents thinking that the rebranding was actually a new product; and over 80% of respondents knowing the new features and benefits of the relaunched product.

  • Messaging Strategy
    By leveraging physician testimonials and real data, we were able to create legitimacy for the product. We also featured the product as the star of the campaign, so we could bring the product’s hard-hitting benefits front and center and provide a clear understanding of how the product would benefit a surgeon and their patients.

  • Website: http://getorasystem.com/
    The product website was designed to pull through all elements of the campaign and to allow for easy access and engagement with our primary conversions.

  • Microsite
    Through an email and direct mail campaign, we drove traffic to a custom microsite to create buzz around WaveTec’s tradeshow booth experience.

  • Sales Tablet
    To facilitate dialog between reps and physicians, we created a tablet experience for use in-office. This app clearly told the story of the updated product and integrated key testimonial videos.

  • Mobile App
    To overcome two of the biggest barriers to adoption, accessibility and ease of use, we developed an app that would allow physicians to perform data entry and reporting from their iOS device.

  • Tradeshow Booth
    Incorporating all elements of the campaign and pre-tradeshow traffic drivers, we created a memorable booth experience that left physicians feeling invigorated about the product.

  • Patient Materials
    A unique physician portal was created to provide easy access to customizable patient education materials including brochures, posters, and ads.