• Client: Picfari

    Situation: Our start-up client wanted to engage the travel-photography community through a digital platform and inspire use by tapping into their emotional, practical, and social nerve centers.

    Solution: We took a multi-pronged approach that included a website, mobile app, and a robust social media campaign to engage a highly segmented audience. By leveraging key publications and travel bloggers, we spread awareness of the Picfari brand in relevant circles. We also executed an effective social media campaign across the three largest social outlets—Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest—to disseminate new content, highlight the pearls of the product, and directly communicate with members of the Picfari community.

    Results: With over 3000 app downloads in the first month, Picfari was featured in major publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings and Digital Photography Review, and was named one of the top “10 Travel Apps That Save You Time and Money” by Budget Travel Magazine. The Picfari Facebook page also garnered 3000 likes in the first three months.

  • Brand Development
    The Discover Picfari video captured the essence of Picfari in a short YouTube video. It effectively used the brand story to connect with our target audience technically, practically, and emotionally.

  • Concept & Web Development
    We distilled the travel experience into three stages and then segmented the website accordingly so Picfari would remain relevant and useful during a user’s complete travel experience. To inspire organic growth and interaction, unique engagement opportunities were created for each audience, such as one-click photo sharing and user insights called “Picstories.”

  • Mobile App
    The mobile app, created for both iOS and Android, was designed to accompany Picfari users on their travels and offers the full-features of the website. It also includes a “Picfaris Around Me” button that instantly connects users with nearby photo ops.

  • #SocialMedia
    Given the dynamic nature of the Picfari website and app, we developed an effective social media campaign using the three largest social outlets—Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest—to foster dialog and create interest. Pinterest has become the top engagement driver for Picfari.com, with visitors from Pinterest spending an average of 14 minutes on the site.