• Client: STAAR Surgical

    Situation: STAAR Surgical, a leader in implantable collamer lens technology, wanted to increase traffic and subsequent conversions for their “doc finder” tool as a means to drive their customers’ revenue. Existing digital and social strategies were falling short and not producing the desired results.

    Solution: The full digital landscape was surveyed to identify 1) the target audience 2) where the target audience played in the social/digital space and 3) what content drove the most doc finder conversions. We then planned and executed a strategy that would maximize the winning traffic drivers and most effectively reach and engage the target audience in order to increase conversions.

    Results: As a result of the focused campaign that blended digital and social strategy, doc finder searches increased by 221% in 6 months for a potential $2 million in revenue for STAAR’s customers. They also grew their Facebook audience from 4,390, accumulated over 2 years, to 11,404 in less than 1 year and virtually eliminated the unsubscribe rate by garnering qualified and loyal followers–not just likes for likes’ sake.

  • Discovery
    A metrics analysis revealed what Web content performed the best in terms of driving conversions, and market research helped identify the target audience and barriers to adoption. The social landscape was also surveyed to find out where the target audience was most active.

  • Website Optimization
    Content that was driving the most doc finder conversions was elevated and placed in high traffic areas. The doc finder was integrated into the highest converting videos and was also prominently featured on every Web and blog page on the site.

  • Social Media Management
    The highest-performing content was pushed into relevant social channels, and additional content was created around topics that generated the most traction to fuel a content marketing strategy on social media.

  • Social Contests
    A timely holiday contest that would grow relevant followings on all social media channels was recommended to the client for design and execution. The contest design weeded out contest “trollers” who were not considered qualified leads and incentivized viral sharing to relevant target audience members. Data was collected throughout the contest to bolster ongoing market research efforts.